Irresistible You

Author: Francis Ray

Publisher: St. Martins

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Sabra Raineau is a successful Broadway actress that has just arrived in New Mexico.  She has agreed to help Mrs. Grayson get ready for a big production at the university.  Only she has an ulterior motive for being in Santa Fe that no one can know about it.  Sabra has no desire to fall in love after suffering a broken heart. However, when the tall, dark and handsome Pierce picks her up at the airport, her heart and body remind her that she is a woman with needs.  She is shocked by the extreme passion that sizzles throughout her body whenever he looks at her.  Will Sabra be able to walk away from the man she knows is her soul mate?  Or will her secret be exposed and cause her to lose the man she loves?

Pierce Grayson owns the most successful investment firm in Santa Fe.  Although he is successful, it did not come without a price and a hard lesson that almost cost him everything.  Pierce also knows that he is next on his mother’s hit list for marriage.  He does not want to fall in love because he would have to give up his carefree life of enjoying the multitude of single women in Santa Fe.  However, he was not prepared for his body’s reaction to the stunning Sabra when he picks her up at the airport.  Pierce is determined to get through the thick wall she has erected around her heart.  Will Pierce be able to convince Sabra that he loves her for who she really is?  Or will her secret cause him to suffer a broken heart?


IRRESISTIBLE YOU is a beautifully written romance that will leave you absolutely breathless.  Francis Ray proves yet again why she is an award-winning romance author with this charming tale that is laced with betrayal, sensuality and a love story that will rock your world.  She pens a narrative with a compelling plot that will have you turning the pages quickly to accompany the charismatic characters that will pull at your heart strings.  I laughed at the bantering and antics and cried when two hearts soared together. 


Sabra and Pierce are unique characters with wonderful qualities.  Sabra is a lovely woman who has a strong sense of family values and wanted to succeed to make her father proud.  She is a down to earth girl who has fears and has suffered heart break.  Pierce is oh so yummy and sexy.  I fell in love with his strong sense of family values, his desire to succeed and his willingness to open his heart to the only woman who has ever captured it.  IRRESISTIBLE YOU is a must read and a great addition to the Grayson Series.  Great job Francis Ray!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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