By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 9:55:00 PM

Madison has a whirlwind affair that soon leads her down the aisle with what she thinks is her perfect mate.  When she decides to surprise him while he is on a book tour, she is the one who gets the surprise when she sees him with another woman.  Feeling like a fool forever trusting him, she decides their marriage is over and leaves him.  When she hears that he is selling the cabin where they spent their honeymoon, she goes up to get the last of her treasured memories.  What she finds is her husband and maybe a chance to fix their relationship.

Gavin knows that Madison believes that he cheated on her and wants a divorce.  He can't believe that she won't give their marriage a chance and let him explain.  He fights at first, but soon realizes that she is serious about the divorce and he can't change her mind.  His only thought is to sell everything that reminds him of her and try to move on with his life.  When she shows up at the cabin he's not supposed to be there, but soon finds out it's the perfect opportunity to find out where their marriage went wrong.

IRRESISTIBLE is the tale of a good marriage gone wrong and what can happen when there is no trust in a relationship.  Madison is a little unreasonable, but you have to take her past into consideration and her pressing mother doesn't help the situation.  Gavin wants to get his marriage back on track, but Madison won't give him the time of day.  He finally gives up and decides to just give her what she wants, but he pays for it emotionally.  When they meet up at the cabin, the sparks are still flying and it's obvious they still love each other even though they are trying to fight it.  The love scenes have a passionate desperation that will leave readers in tears.  Beverly Havlir knows how to write a story that draws the reader in and makes them feel everything along with the characters.

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