Island Girl: Friends for a Season Series: Book 1
By Sherri Myers
Jun 1, 2005 - 7:57:00 PM

Thirteen-year-old Meg always spends each summer at her grandparents' berry farm on Sauvie Island. Her father and mother are divorced, and her mom has a new baby on the way with Meg's stepfather. Meg isn't sure she likes the idea of a baby in the house, but what can she do about it anyway?
Her father is in the Army and now has to decide if he is going to retire or accept a higher position if he is offered it. He will oversee the berry farm if he retires, which is something Meg would really like. The hard part is having to choose where she will live, since she is thirteen now and can choose for herself which parent she will live with. The decision is made even harder for Meg, or 'Nutmeg' as her Papa calls her, when she befriends a girl her own age whose father is currently the farm overseer, and when the boy next door, Charlie, begins to show an interest in her.

Sandra Byrd is known for her wonderful books for young girls, and this new series is one readers will be enthusiastic about also. ISLAND GIRL, the first of the FRIENDS FOR A SEASON series, is a fantastic novel for young teen girls beginning their growing-up years and experiencing the excitement and challenges that each will face as they leave childhood behind. ISLAND GIRL is a story of friends, family, and faith, and the role each one plays in a teen girl's life. This book, and each successive one, deals with issues a teenage girl might face, such as divorce, competitiveness, illness of a parent, and others, and how each can be dealt with and survived with the help of faith in God, a loving family, and good friends. ISLAND GIRL is a warm, wholesome story that is something I highly recommend for all teenage girls, and their mothers also. I plan on picking up all the books in this series for myself and my soon-to-be teen daughter.

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