Isn't She Lovely

Author: Lauren Layne

Publisher: Flirt – Random House

Release Date: October 28, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5+RR

Format: EBOOK

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Stephanie would make the Addam’s family cringe if that were possible. She has gone from the girl next store in high school to a snappy pit bull, doom’s day dressing girl by college. Now that school is out for summer, she does not want to go home for break (family issues), so she enrolls in a film class to stay in New York. Never in her wildest dreams, or maybe nightmares, would she be paired up with Mr. Peppy-as-a-man-can-get for their class project. Well, hell’s bells and witch’s spells, this really sucks!

Ethan would rather take a film class he knows nothing about than work for his father this summer. Then he stumbles, no wait, rams into this tiny Goth chick on campus dressed in black with a mouth that scalds. Wouldn’t you know not only do they have the same class, but they get partnered up. Yeah, she is hot in a dark and deadly kind of way, yet her razor-sharp tongue shreds. There is just something about Stephanie that keeps him interested, or maybe she’s bewitched him? Ethan is really not sure if she is human or a little demon under all that makeup and snark she throws at him.

ISN’T SHE LOVELY is by author Lauren Layne. To say Ms. Layne’s word-crafting is bullwhip sharp would be an understatement, and to say her writing is brilliant would be spot-on. How she gets Stephanie and Ethan’s characters to converse will have you in stitches. Even more amazing is how these two find the threads of emotional baggage to link them in ways that are profound. Maybe these two polar opposites will find they really are more alike than they realize. The rub is you will have to read this phenomenal book to find that out.

When you combine a Miniature Goth Monster—he thinks—and a Prada toting, walking toothpaste commercial, beefcake douchebag—she thinks—then stir in sexual attraction up the wazoo and ISN’T SHE LOVELY is a book that will give you sore sides from laughing, not to mention an aching wrist from flipping through the pages to read how these two characters survive being thrown together for a class project for a summer college class. If Ethan and Stephanie were a salad dressing they would definitely be oil and vinegar flooded with Sriracha.

Before I even finished the first chapter, I am sure my neighbors could hear my laughter a couple of houses away. Ms. Layne’s sense of humor triggered fits of hilarity the likes of which I rarely come across. Zingers flow left and right between Stephanie and Ethan to a point that I had to stop reading to get a hold of myself (laughing uncontrollably while wiping away tears).

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Janalee

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