Issue of Trust
By Ann
Apr 8, 2006 - 3:21:00 PM

Joanna and her son Alex have finally found a home in Valley View, Colorado, after years of running.  Joanna left the Alpha Corp, an elite unit where the only way out was death.   Now she will do anything to stay ahead of the Corp and keep her son safe even if it means altering her looks and creating new identities.  As she begins to settle in this small community, one person makes her think about her past.  His name is Hunter.  With his dark, smoldering looks and sexy body, Hunter reminds her of Jonathan Estevez, her former boss.  Could it be that Hunter is actually Jonathan?  If so, will he kill her and take Alex?

ISSUE OF TRUST is a unique story because it is told entirely from Joanna's point of view.  There are very few authors who can pull this off without distracting the reader.  I think Ms. O'Clare is one of them.  She pulled me into the story from the start and I couldn't stop reading until the end.  Joanna is a survivor.  She deals with raising a son alone and trying to stay ahead of the enemy.  I would go crazy.  Yet she is a wonderful mother to a highly intelligent son while trying to create as normal a life as possible for Alex.  She puts her needs on hold but that quickly changes when she meets Hunter.


Hunter is unlike any man she has met in years.  He's tall, dark and sexy with a commanding presence that is tough to miss.  He also has an air of mystery that has Joanna guessing to who he actually is.  He has secrets that she is desperate to find out.  Is he Hunter or Jonathan?  I liked the chemistry not only between Hunter and Joanna but also the interactions with Alex.  Hunter can be difficult but he also has a kindness in him that made me feel warm and fuzzy.  However, he could kill without qualms if the people he loved were threatened. 


I have to say, ISSUE OF TRUST is a very different and unique book. None of the characters are perfect people.  In fact, everyone in the story has flaws which only add texture and life to the story.  The person who stole the show though is Alex.  He's funny, smart and exasperating as all young children can be sometimes but he is also wise beyond his years.   I look forward to reading the sequel to ISSUE OF TRUST.  It will be interesting to read Hunter's perspective and see everything from his point of view.

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