It All Began in Monte Carlo
By Ann
Aug 1, 2010 - 4:34:07 PM

Sunny Alvarez is tired of waiting for her boyfriend, Mac Reilly, to finally get married.  When they have to postpone their wedding again, she decides to go to Monte Carlo, on Christmas Eve no less.  Along the way, she meets Eduardo “Eddie” Johanssen who lavishes attention on her the way Mac does when he isn’t on a case.  As she tries to figure out what she wants, Sunny becomes unwittingly involved in blackmail, robberies and murder.  Now Mac and some old and new friends gather together to help Sunny before it is too late.

IT ALL BEGAN IN MONTE CARLO has Mac and Sunny at a crucial crossroad in their relationship.  Sunny is finally ready to cut her losses and move on from Mac.  She loves him but can’t keep being second to his job.  When she goes to Monte Carlo and meets Eddie, she remembers what it was like when Mac paid one hundred percent attention to her.  Yet her old friends remind her that Mac has never abandoned her which makes her so confused.  It’s hard to turn off love when it feels so right.  Mac is very committed to his job and Sunny but just not to marriage.  He loves her but it’s only she leaves does he realize how wrong he was to put work ahead of her.  It takes all of his detective skills to get her out of a mess to make them realize that they belong together.  It was really nice to see a mix of old and new characters.  I’ve always enjoyed Mac and Sunny and I think IT ALL BEGAN IN MONTE CARLO is a wonderful summer read to enjoy for any escape.   

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