It Had To Be You
By Michele
May 15, 2007 - 12:41:00 PM

In the quaint Irish village of Burnaby, Ireland, sits a unique bookstore, Happily Ever After, that sells mostly romance fiction. Molly Harper is the ubiquitous manager of the store and is shocked to learn that the store has been sold. Anita Vickers, the owner of the store, discreetly sells it to a man named Milo Devine. Mr. Devine reminds Holly of a distasteful, smooth-tongued salesman. Things just might be looking up for Molly when she is introduced to Milo's son Sam. Sam is rather handsome and has the nicest eyes. Molly sighs inwardly when she learns that she will be teaching Sam how to operate the bookstore. She might have been upset before about the unsettling news of the bookstore being sold but things have suddenly started to look brighter.

Molly takes a break and meets her close friend Paige Brady at the coffee shop next door to the bookshop. She tells her that the bookstore has a new owner because it has just been sold. She tells Paige how shocked she was to learn the news. Anita did not tell her anything in advance about it. Paige is astonished that Anita would sell the bookshop. She fills Molly in on her own hectic life.

Paige’s life is very busy. In addition to taking care of her home, husband and two rambunctious children, she’s decided to run for office. Her life suddenly gets very complicated when she finds out that Little Orchard, the daycare center where she’s placed her children, is closing for a month. She agonizes over who will watch her kids. Then an opponent running for office makes some scathing remarks about her which adds to her already high stress level. She thought she had enough to deal with but then life throws her another curve ball. Paige finds out that she is pregnant! How will she cope with all life is throwing at her?

Kate Bowan, Molly's flatmate, sells designer shoes and runs a very successful dating service called Dublin Dummy Dates. She is so busy that she doesn't have time for a social life and is currently without a boyfriend. Her current client, Angus Cawley, is rather annoying but charmingly handsome. Kate finds herself attracted to him but has a rule that she never dates her clients. Will Kate let down her defenses long enough to discover that just maybe Angus might be the right man for her?

IT HAD TO BE YOU is a wonderful story of daydreams, joined at the heart friends, and life's problems. The friendship between these women is intertwined throughout the story. I was impressed how Sarah Webb delicately reveals all the different characters in the novel. Each woman has her own set of problems. It was fun to see how each one deals with it. The story line moved at a fast pace. I read until the wee hours of the morning anxious to see what would happen next. This is a refreshing, fast-paced romp with a charming love story at its heart.

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