It Happened One Wedding

Author: Julie James

Publisher: Jove

Release Date: May 6, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Sidney Sinclair is looking for Mr. Right. She has a list of qualities she desires in her future partner and is determined to be methodical about falling in love. She has no desire to repeat her recent engagement's disastrous ending. She is not looking for a cocky, arrogant, career orientated male. Unfortunately, that is just who she happens to be paired up with for her sister's upcoming wedding.

When Vaughn Roberts spots the beautiful redhead in the coffee shop, he wants her phone number. What he gets instead is a piece of her mind and it is not pleasant. Vaughn is not happy when he arrives for dinner with his brother and new fiancee and discovers the coffee shop woman is there also. To say that Vaughn and Sidney are not excited about helping their respective siblings prepare for the wedding is an understatement, but they will make it work. After all, once the wedding is over, surely they will not have to see each other much?

IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING is another crowning romance writing achievement from Julie James. Her books are simply put, some of the best contemporary romance stories being published today. The dialog remains top-notch, the characters prove to be a great combination of imperfections and ambitions. Sidney and Vaughn are fully fleshed out characters. Their interactions with their siblings showcase their relationships beautifully. Additionally, friendships and careers help these characters leap off the page. The romance, of course, is what many readers want in a Julie James story and there will be no let down here. Sidney and Vaughn may want different things, initially, but as the story progresses, both realize how well they fit together. It is just a matter of verbalizing those feelings beyond the sexy bedroom scenes. Vaughn in particular has to take a risk. He is not used to wanting to be with a woman outside the bedroom but he craves Sidney's companionship, her laughter and her joy in life very quickly. Sidney also develops feelings for Vaughn but mixed signals stand in the way of true communication.

IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING is just what the heart desires. A truly romantic love story written by a master of her craft. Witty and satisfying, IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING will soon be a favorite for romance readers.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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