It Happened One Wedding
By Alane
Apr 1, 2007 - 4:39:00 PM

Cammie Yarnell can’t believe that Kelly Atwood, the girl she used to baby-sit, is getting married.  And Kelly wants event planner Cammie, who has been a good friend over the years, to plan it.  Of course, Cammie will do her best to make Kelly’s wedding day extra special.  There are just a few problems.  First, the wedding date is only six weeks away.  Second, it will take place at the Oceanside Bed and Breakfast, the very place Cammie’s own wedding was to have taken place a year earlier.  And third, Curt Blanco will photograph the whole thing.  Curt and Cammie used to be good friends, but that ended when Cammie’s engagement fell apart.  It was bad enough that he introduced her to Todd, but unforgivable that he didn't tell her Todd was cheating.

Curt Blanco misses his relationship with Cammie.  He doesn't understand why she blames him for what happened between her and Todd.  It isn't going to be easy working with her on the wedding but since Weston Atwood is his boss at the newspaper, he can't exactly back out.  To make things worse, who should he bump into at the co-ed volleyball league he signed up for, but Cammie.  Well, as long as he’s spending so much time with Cammie, Curt might as well use the opportunity to try to reconnect with her.


Cammie considers renewing her friendship with Curt, but things are different now.  She’s attracted to him, and she doesn’t want to be.  Cammie is ready for a new man in her life; that’s not the problem.  The trouble is, she’s looking for happily-ever-after.  Cammie wants marriage, kids and everything that goes with it.  Curt has always been attracted to Cammie, but he doesn’t want anything permanent.  Divorce seems to run in his family and he’s not interested in becoming another Blanco statistic.  As far as he’s concerned, the only sure way to avoid divorce is to avoid marriage.


Cammie and Curt have to work together day after day.  Thanks to volleyball, they even have to play together.  Will they win the battle against the attraction that threatens to overwhelm them both?  It isn’t going to be easy!


IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING takes place in the very small town of Cranberry, Oregon.  I loved the whole atmosphere!  Cranberry is the kind of place where most people have known each other their whole lives.  Of course, that means there isn’t much in the way of privacy, but there's plenty of support from family and friends.  It's no wonder Cammie and Curt ended up spending so much time together.  Would it work in their favor, or just make Cammie more determined than ever to avoid him?  I hoped Cammie would realize Curt wasn't to blame for her ex-fiancé’s unforgivable behavior.  I wished Curt would be willing to open his mind to the idea of a long-term relationship, instead of refusing to believe a Blanco could be capable of lasting emotion.  I hoped the wedding planner and the photographer would find happy endings of their own.

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