It Happened in Florence
By Teresa Henson
Jun 13, 2003 - 2:44:00 PM

Jennifer Morgan returned to Florence for two reasons: one was to show her daughter Amilya where her father was from, and relive how they met. Secondly, she had a presentation for the new Donovan building the architectural firm she worked for wanted to build. James Donovan was entirely too arrogant, so why couldn’t she get him off her mind?

Amilya thought James was heavenly looking, and quite the gentleman. Everywhere Jennifer and Amilya went in Florence, James showed up eventually. Fighting her attraction to James, Jennifer tries to focus on her first love, David, Amilya’s father, whom she loved and lost in Florence. Her love for David is why she never loved again, at least not like that.


When James Donovan gave her, and her firm, the contract to do his new building, Jennifer wondered if it was for professional or personal reasons. Could she work for him under those conditions? Could she endure living in Florence with all her memories of David flowing over her like water?

A wonderfully descriptive feeling of love and desire abound in Ms. Aislinn’s book. I could feel the love Jennifer had for David and her daughter, and yet feel the confusion she had over her attraction to James. The relationship between Jennifer and Amilya was outstanding. Jennifer and James’s love scene’s are explosive! Will they let their pride stand in their way of love?

I had a hard time leaving this book for any kind of break! I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next with Jennifer, James, and Amilya. If you like a romance with plenty of conficts, and emotion this is one for you.

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