It Must Be Your Love
By Chris Mead
Dec 4, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

**image2***Five years ago, Mia Sullivan had a torrid affair with rock-star Ford Victor.  Things ended on a sour note when Ford expected Mia to pack her bags and give up her life to go out on the road with him.  He broke it off when she didn’t give him an answer right away.

Mia has never forgotten Ford or their hot love tryst, but she has gone on with her life and now she runs her own successful real-estate business.  When she gets a call from an attorney wanting her to show a home to one of his clients, Mia goes about business as usual.  However, who she finds waiting for her in the home comes as a shock to her.

Ford Victor has regretted the day he sent Mia out of his life almost from the instant he did it.  After five lonely years, Ford decides he wants a second chance with Mia so he arranges for a secret home showing, because he fears Mia will not see him otherwise.

When Ford and Mia come face-to-face, it becomes quite clear there are still sparks between the two of them.  Nevertheless, Mia isn’t so sure  Ford won’t hurt her again.  Will Ford be able to prove to Mia that he is playing for keeps this time?

Mia is a very charming character, whom I adored.  She fits right in with all of her Napa Valley cousins, who have had their own stories told in earlier books in THE SULLIVAN series.  It was nice to visit with previous characters when they attend the wedding of Marcus Sullivan.  In addition, it was great to meet the newer characters of the Seattle Sullivans as well.  

Ford is not only a super hot rock-star, he is also a loving, caring and compassionate man.  I really enjoyed how he wanted to take things slow with Mia and become her best friend before they became lovers. The love-song he writes for Mia is so romantic that it brought tears to my eyes.

Super sensation Bella Andre has written another winner.  This story has it all -- characters that will steal your heart, plenty of hot love scenes and an engaging plot.  If you have never tried a book by Bella Andre, you are surely missing out.  All of her books read well as stand-alones, so you can start out with any book in THE SULLIVAN series and feel like you’re visiting with old friends.  For a story that will brighten your day, try IT MUST BE YOUR LOVE -- I highly recommend it!

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