It's About Your Husband
By Roberta Austin
Apr 7, 2007 - 5:16:00 AM

Iris Hedge is not really thrilled about leaving California for a new plum job in NYC, but maybe it will give her the distance she needs to sort out her life. Her marriage is crumbling and she still has serious issues with her mom. The dream job turns into a nightmare when Iris is let go after just five weeks. Iris is wondering how she will pay the rent and credit card bills when she is offered a less than traditional job following Steve, who may be cheating on his wife. Her poor PI skills lead Iris on a path to a new life with plenty of quirky detours.

In this dazzling debut novel, Ms. Lipton shows a clear talent for understanding the foibles of human nature. She is able to bring out both the hilarious and poignant side of relationships. Iris is a "fish out of water" at the book's beginning, but the reader will root for her as she grows and faces challenges. Clever dialog and a true sense of place add an extra charm to this tale of love and friendships. All the characters are well drawn and the reader will be able to relate to the problems they face.
I will look forward to more quirky stories from brilliant author in the near future.

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