It's All Greek to Me

Author: Laura Hamby

Publisher: Moonlight Romance Publishing

Release Date: 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Marianne Wilson's mom was determined to see Marianne married, giving her grandchildren and living the same life that she did. She even had the perfect man picked out for Marianne, Nick Galanapolous. With the help of Nick's, just as determined mom, all they had to do was convince Marianne and Nick that they were perfect for each other and within a year the grandbabies would start coming.

Marianne Wilson was content with her life as a successful coffee shop owner, if she could only convince her mom of that. Marianne knew exactly what her mom had planned when she invited her over for a dinner party with the Galanapolous family. They had all been family friends since Marianne and Nick were children and Marianne's mom has been trying to get her to go out with Nick for quite a while now.

Marianne didn't even recognize Nick when he walked into her coffee shop; the awkward teenage boy she once knew was gone and in his place was a very sexy, very grown up Nick. If the fact that her mother approved of him wasn't enough to douse the flames burning in her stomach than the fact that he had alpha male written all over him should do it. Marianne has learned from past experience that she liked a nice Beta man, one that didn't expect anything from the women they dated, in other words, a wimp. Nick would definitely expect sex from the women he dated and Marianne didn't like sex. Nick has no intention of falling prey to his mother's latest scheme to find him a wife, no matter how attractive Marianne is. Being a divorce lawyer Nick has seen how easy love can turn to hate and the sight has left him bitter and cautious, not to mention his almost- wedding that ended with disastrous results. Nick and Marianne came up with a plan to put an end to their mother?s meddling, they both showed up to the dinner party with dates. Their plan would have worked perfectly if their dates hadn't taking a liking to each other and left the dinner party together and Marianne without a ride home. With a little push from their mother's Nick ends up taking Marianne home and finds himself becoming way too attracted to her, so he decides to avoid her. Little does he know that Marianne is having the exact same problem. When Marianne tells her mother something in confidence and her mother blabs to Nicks mom, who in turn tells Nick Marianne is horrified; until Nick comes to her rescue. Can these two cynics put their past experiences behind them to create a future together? Will their mother's ever get the grandchildren they are longing for?

 IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME is a page turner that is sure to please all romance fans. Nick was the perfect hero, he was sexy, patient and the perfect match for Marianne as was Marianne for Nick. But you can't forget the secondary characters, which made this story come to life. Marianne's friends will have you laughing out loud, especially when they perform a sexorcist!! Laura Hamby's writing talent shines through in this heart warming story that is a definite must read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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