It's Hotter in Hawaii
By Lynn Reynolds
Apr 18, 2009 - 5:27:02 PM

Headstrong Cassie Montgomery decides to play detective when her estranged brother Dan dies suddenly. She had always loved and looked up to Dan, an Air Force pilot; but when he suddenly and inexplicably left the service, he also became a lot more distant from Cassie – even though they both lived in Hawaii. Now Dan’s helicopter has crashed in a canyon on Kauai, and Cassie appears to be the only person who’s suspicious about the accident. She takes time off from her business in order to harass the local police into investigating. But police chief Ted Greene is strangely reluctant to take her concerns seriously and urges her to accept her brother’s death and go back to her old life. Cassie knows he’s hiding some dark secrets about her brother’s death – but what? When she pays a visit to Dan’s house, someone starts shooting at her. No way is she going home to Oahu now.

Cal Wilson remembers when he and Dan were best friends, so he comes as soon as he can after receiving a worrisome, cryptic message from Dan. Even though the two have been on the outs for a long time, Cal still feels loyalty to his old Air Force buddy. When he finally gets to Kauai, he discovers that Dan is dead and that his house is being occupied by a crazy woman with a gun. Fortunately, the crazy woman is also incredibly hot. Unfortunately, she’s also determined to play amateur detective and find the folks who killed her beloved brother. Cal’s not sure which is the bigger threat – the smugglers who might have killed Dan; or Dan’s sexy kid sister, Cassie.

IT’S HOTTER IN HAWAII is a sizzling, fast-paced suspense story with a lot of humor. Cassie is a stubborn, feisty heroine who can take care of herself. Cal’s overwhelmed by her forceful personality at first – he’s used to calling the shots in a relationship and he definitely wants to be her protector. Cassie doesn’t put up with that, and the scenes in which she orders Cal around or tricks him into doing her will are witty and well-written. I enjoyed watching these two fiercely independent characters learn how to compromise in order to protect each other and their newly developing relationship. The tropical setting of IT’S HOTTER IN HAWAII adds heat to this already spicy romance. A perfect beach read. And if it’s still too cold for the beach where you live – well, this book will be the perfect escape for you!

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