It’s Never Too Late to Be a Bridesmaid

Author: Heather Estay

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishing

Release Date: January 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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You can read about Angie in the first story about her called IT'S NEVER TO LATE TO GET A LIFE. Here Angie gets dumped and finds a new life and new meaning with the help of her friends. Now Angie is planning her daughter Jenna’s wedding. Needing the help of her friends is what she wants but the truth is their lives need more help than putting together a wedding.

Her life is falling apart around her. Never a dull moment with the three amigas but helping them face different crisis only brings them closer and to different phases they must over come. But it just proves that friends will never let you down. Still the drama that faces poor Angie day in and day out is enough to tire even the strongest of souls. Angie is no quitter and vows to take down those that get in her way.

This story is so hilarious with the drama that fills poor Angie’s life. You find yourself sympathizing with Angie but sadly relating too. The story is great, funny, amusing and so real life that you will crack up at the drama one must endure to find themselves. Sure Angie’s life is out of control but she has just enough strength to pull it all together, to keep her friends as well as her family above the drowning waters of life.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Red

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