I Take Thee
By Natasha Smith
Apr 1, 2008 - 11:17:30 AM

Marly and Marcus Forrester have been married for a year. What started out as the wildest sex imaginable for Marcus has turned into so much more. Unable to keep up with his wife’s needs, he and Marly visit a physician to find out what is wrong with her. What they are told blows their mind. It seems that Marly is in heat – an animalistic heat that requires frequent mating. Marcus is up for the challenge but he is suffering as well. He is sore, has bite marks, and is run down to the point that he almost can’t function. He and Marly decide then and there that they need help from a third person. And that third person is Jake.

Jake and Marcus set out to appease Marly’s hidden beast. After satisfying Marly the best they can, Jake goes on his merry way.  But with one phone call from Marly’s doctor – he wants an update on Marcus’ ability to keep her satisfied – their lives change in an instant.  It seems that Marly was contagious and Marcus is now infected.  Let the matings begin!


I TAKE THEE by Red Garnier is a plethora of animalistic sex and emotional intensity. Each and every scene contained over the top erotic and sensual sexuality and passion. While most women would be angry over a husband desiring a third party in a married relationship, I can’t help but agree with Marcus. He needed help and help is what he got. Jake’s help in keeping Marly content enabled Marcus to recover enough that when the time came for them to be alone, he was ready.  And he was totally ready. 


I really enjoyed the storyline and premise for I TAKE THEE. Not for the faint of heart, Red Garnier has penned a thriller of a tale. – one that will entice and keep you wondering. 


I TAKE THEE released from Liquid Silver Books in February 2008. 



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