Her Russian Protector, book 1 - Ivan
By Dottie
May 16, 2013 - 1:33:40 PM

Erin and her sister, Ruby, lost their parents to carbon monoxide poisoning years ago, but her sister blames herself. Since then Ruby has turned into a junkie with an ex-fighter junkie boyfriend, Alexei. To make matters worse, the two have stolen from the Albanian mob and are being hunted by the mob as well as the Hermanos, a vicious gang. So when Ruby and Alexei disappear, Erin is desperate.  The restaurant, Samavar, where Erin works is owned by Nikolai, believed to be a member of the mob and he has warned Erin not to get involved with those who frequent his business. But with no idea where else to turn, she ventures into the fight club owned by Ivan, who is one of the restaurant’s regulars.

Ivan Markovic, owner of one of the most elite mixed martial arts training centers in the world, came from Russia to the United States to make his fortune. He has used fair means and foul to get where he is today; although he regrets some of the things he has had to do along the way. Now he runs a clean gym, makes his money legitimately and does what he can to pay back some of his misdeeds. He is surprised to see a woman like Erin in his club. When she explains that she needs his help and why, the last thing he wants is to get entangled with the dangerous people who are involved. He knows the Albanian mob and what they are capable of. Additionally, Andrei had been one of his fighters until an injury took him out of the game and he became a junkie. Ivan is also familiar with Andrei’s junkie girlfriend, Ruby. They had even brought their drugs into his gym and within the past week, he has lost three fighters due to failed drug tests. At first, he turns Erin down, but seeing her loss of hope as she turns to leave and fearing for this brave woman, he reconsiders. Besides, he cannot deny his attraction to her.

Ivan makes Erin promise she will stay out of it and let him find her sister, but when Ruby calls her, Erin goes running and is saved only when Ivan arrives just in the nick of time. With the mob adding Erin to their list, Ivan moves her into his house. Soon the attraction between them is too much to resist and things turn intimate. Erin knows she is falling in love with her rescuer, but once they find Ruby, will their relationship end also? Will they find Ruby before it is too late?

An exciting, fast-paced story, IVAN, the first novella in talented author Roxie Rivera’s HER RUSSIAN PROTECTOR series, is a wickedly erotic contemporary romance that will have readers avidly turning the pages to discover the outcome. Danger and suspense reach a fever pitch as Ivan and Erin enter the world of the mob to find Ruby and Andrei. The chemistry between Ivan and Erin is off-the-charts and I could not help rooting for them. Packed with fighters, tattoos, mobsters, suspense, menace, angst, scorching hot passion and love, this story is sure to make you a fan. The only drawback – I hated to see this story end. This is the first story I have read by Ms. Rivera, but I look forward to reading more of her work, starting with the next story in this series, DMITRI. But why take my word for it – check it out for yourself. I highly recommend this story to lovers of romantic suspense and eroticism.

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