Cowboy Bad Boy, Book 3 – Bound by the Mountain Man
By Maree Schuler
Jan 1, 2011 - 2:53:06 PM

In BOUND BY THE MONTANA MOUNTAIN MAN Jan Bowles weaves a hot tale of love, pain and lust. Callie has been hurt, really hurt by her ex-husband and all she has to her name to start over is a cabin in Montana left to her by her uncle. On her first night back in town her hottie of a neighbor, Brad, almost knocks her out and from there the sparks start to fly! Callie and Brad have both sworn off love but after a good smack to the head, literally in Callie’s case, they begin a sex filled journey which begins to heal them both and revive their belief in love and family.

I loved this story.  While it was only about eighty pages long there is such a wonderful story packed into those pages.  I would recommend this book to anyone. This is the third book of Ms. Bowles' COWBOY BAD BOY series; it can be read out of sequence and can definitely hold its own. I actually started with this one and went back and read books one and two. I enjoyed this one so much! The story was steamy enough to keep me engaged and yet the romance was not skimped on at all. So if you like a truly sexy romance I would grab this one and settle down for a fun-filled read!

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