Cowboy Bad Boy, Book 2 – Branded by the Texas Rancher
By Maree Schuler
Jan 1, 2011 - 2:39:46 PM

BRANDED BY THE TEXAS RANCHER is the second book in the COWBOY BAD BOYS series by Jan Bowles. Jed is a hardworking rancher who can do truly wicked things to a pair of blue jeans which Rebecca just cannot ignore. However this prim and proper schoolteacher has sworn off men; no matter how hot they make her under her buttoned up collar. Jeb’s rough and tumble tomboy of a daughter has pushed them together by her need for a tutor and her teacher’s need of some repairs of her new home! Jeb and Rebecca strike a deal she tutors his daughter while he completes the repairs that are needed. Day after day they feelings between them grow until lust leaves Jeb no choice but to stake his claim on his English beauty.

This was a really fun read and will touch the heart of single parents, as it does delve into the perils of dating and making love with a child underfoot.

I love how Jed is subtly dominate and Rebecca is allowed to remain herself even as he does wicked things to her in the bedroom. You can feel the emotions of the relations and the scenarios that come up are dealt with in a very real way. With all of this combined I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cowboys in tight blue jeans or proper English schoolteachers who need to learn to live just a little bit.

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