By Contessa
Sep 27, 2004 - 9:57:00 AM

Veronica Moore has grown weary of unsatisfying lovers who leave her very frustrated.  Her current lover Kevon finds his pleasure, falls asleep and leaves Veronica desiring someone who knows how to please a woman.  Veronica has made a vow to kick Kevon to the curb and seek a considerate lover.

Bryan Edwards has always been the lovable cute friend to women.  Women have never fallen over themselves trying to bed Bryan.  Bryan does not allow this to deter him from asking the sexy Ms. Veronica Moore out for a dinner date.


Bryan and Veronica have a mutual friend named Autumn.  Autumn thinks her two best friends would make the perfect couple and she is determined to bring them together.  Both Bryan and Veronica have decided to start dating outside their race and Autumn will do everything in her power to unite her two best friends.


Can Autumn connect these two shattered hearts?  Will Bryan and Veronica be able to endure the public's reaction to a mixed race relationship?  How will their families react?


COLORBLIND by Jon Bradbury is a remarkable romantic love story.  I was delighted to see Bryan and Veronica overcome the many obstacles blocking their path to true love.  The sexual chemistry between Bryan and Veronica was very passionate in nature regardless of their racial differences.  If you crave a great love story with a happy ending; this novel is for you.

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