In Debt to the Dom
By Suzie Housley
Jun 12, 2011 - 5:03:35 AM

Twenty-eight year old Maddie James had dedicated her life to her career, and worked her way up to the top.  She was now being considered for a promotion as a Managing Director.  The position could not have come at any better time in her life.  In helping her sister, she had put herself in financial debt.  She knew that if she could land the job, it would help in solving her problems.

Goldstein Rivers CEO Keaton Rivers knew he had to make a decision on who to select for the Managing Director position.  All of the candidates were highly qualified; he felt confident that whoever he selected that they would do the company proud.


There is one of the candidates who he has taken a personal interest in, Maddie James.  He knows that Maddie is very confident in her abilities, but he feels she lacks the years of experience that is needed for such a responsible position.  Still that doesn't stop him from scheduling an interview luncheon.  When he sees Maddie up close and personal her green eyes intrigue him further.


The unexpected occurs when a mysterious envelope arrives and Maddie opens it to find a DVD.  As she views itshe stands in horror at her sister who is being held hostage.  The kidnappers are demanding that Maddie wire more than a half of million dollars to a Swiss Bank account for her release.  Maddie is terrified of the danger her sister is in, and decides to risk her job by using the funds entrusted in her care to wire to the bank account.


Maddie's transaction does not go unnoticed; Keaton is quick to be informed of her career ending decision.  He is disappointed that one of his top employees stole from him.  He knows that he should press charges and put Maddie behind bars for her betrayal.  Instead, he decides to make her a deal, she will spend a month with him while he is on vacation.  She will bend to his every sexual whim, no boundaries will be unexplored.


Maddie doesn't want to end up in jail, and accepts Keaton's offer.  She learns that Keaton is a Dom and he is intent on seeing that she become his willing submissive.  Will she find that her deal with the Devil Dom is more than she ever anticipated?


IN DEBT TO THE DOM is one scorching romance!  I was impressed out how Jan Bowles brought Keaton and Maddie together.  Their union was one explosive encounter that brought Fourth of July early to the Housley household.  I was highly impressed with how the author weaved together a plot that was literally ingenious.  IN DEBT TO THE DOM is not your usual BDSM novel, it overflows with a story that will long stay with your heart.

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