Going All In (Three of a Kind)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 6, 2013 - 9:44:12 PM

Julia Savage is damned good at bluffing – and it’s definitely served its purpose at the weekly poker games she plays with her friends and fellow card players Hunter Miles and Jay Baxter.  She’s been able to bluff at cards, but more importantly she’s been able to hide her true feelings for Hunter and Jay.  Picking one man over the other is impossible and something she’s not even willing to attempt to do – so instead she’ll continue to pretend they’re nothing but flirtatious friends.

Hunter and Jay have teased and tempted Julia to the point where they’re so sexually frustrated they’re having a hard time keeping their emotions under control.  Neither of the men considered sharing her but it seems they might have better odds if they double down.  While Jay is a clown and constantly joking and sporting a silly grin, Hunter is more serious and focused.  The combination between the two of them is lethal to Julia’s overactive libido.


Admittedly succumbing to Hunter and Jay’s advances is a temptation but even their intoxicating kisses isn’t enough to incite Julia to choose one man over the other – and there’s the little issue of if she does enter into a ménage relationship with them how will she ever introduce them to her parents?  Julia’s a good girl – and good girls don’t engage in risqué activities – or at least that’s what she was led to believe.  One thing’s certain; the relationship between the three of them will forever be altered, but when everybody involved is willing to go all in, the loving will definitely be worth it. 


Somehow poker never seemed like a sexy pastime but Jess Dee might have just changed my mind with GOING ALL IN.  The verbal sparring between Julia, Hunter and Jay is more akin to foreplay and definitely caught my attention. I really love how Hunter and Jay join forces rather than try to make Julia choose between them – and in the end it’s obvious that the three of them really do belong together.  Ms. Dee melds scorching hot sex scenes with believable emotional situations for a read that’s satisfying and will have you wanting more.


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