Afterlife (Knights of the Board Room)

Author: Joey W. Hill

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: November 19, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Despite her failed marriage and devastating tragedy Rachel continues to wear a ring on her wedding finger as a way of fending off male attention.  For the most part it’s worked but it hasn’t stopped her from feeling a connection to Jon, one of her yoga students.  Thirteen years her junior and a Dominant male in every sense of the word, Rachel knows she can’t get involved with him.  Opening herself up to that sort of love only leads to heartache, disappointment and invisible scarring that never heals and steals a bit of your soul every day.  If Rachel thought that her ring would protect her from Jon’s possession then she shouldn’t have confided in Dana about her divorce – word would and does get back to Jon who’s not too happy about her deceit and having to keep his desires in check for the past year.


Jon is one of the five-man team of Kensington & Associates management.  Dubbed ‘Kensington’s Archangel,’ Jon has an amazing aptitude for engineering and inventing and is extremely good with his hands – both professionally and personally.  As a Dom, Jon takes great pains to ensure that he connects with his submissive on a spiritual level as well as sexually.   Despite his belief that Rachel is already married, he’s faithfully attended her yoga classes, longing for what he knows he can never have – until he learns her secret.


It’s been easier for Rachel to build walls around her emotions and pretend she doesn’t want and need a Master but Jon’s mere presence is enough to make her crave what her ex-husband made her feel dirty for desiring.  While Rachel does her level best to push Jon away he uses every skill and tactic in his arsenal to chip through the mental walls she’s built as a way of self-protection to finally connect with the submissive within she’s been denying.  He’ll help heal her from her past hurts, mold her into the submissive of his dreams and bring her into the A&M family fold where the other men will offer her all the love and protection she so desperately needs.  He sees more than the beautiful and vibrant woman the rest of the world sees:


“… when I look in your eyes, I see a young soul, one who had her wings clipped too soon.  She doesn’t realize they’ve grown back, that she can spread them out and fly, finally realize the potential that’s been there all along.”


Joey W. Hill is a master at composing emotionally driven BDSM stories that touch not only the heart but soul as well.   Rachel’s survived so much disappointment and heartache that she’s afraid to reach out for what she really wants.  Fortunately Jon’s able to see through her self-protective barriers and boldly invade her personal space in order to save her from her inner demons.  I was undeniably transfixed by Rachel’s story and her attempts to keep everyone at a distance, but loved that Jon wouldn’t let her succeed.  AFTERLIFE is a beautiful and compelling story with plenty of eroticism and BDSM activities to ensure you’re as turned on as Rachel is by the KNIGHTS OF THE BOARD ROOM men


AFTERLIFE is the fourth story in the KNIGHTS OF THE BOARD ROOM series.  I’d highly suggest reading the other stories as well since they are all interconnected, but it’s definitely not absolutely a necessity.

Book 1 - BEHIND THE MASK, released by Ellora’s Cave in March 2005

Book 2 - CONTROLLED RESPONSE, can be found in the anthology UNLACED, released by Berkley Sensation in December 2008 or as a stand-alone e-book

Book 3 - HONOR BOUND, is contained in the anthology LACED WITH DESIRE, released by Berkley Sensation in February 2010 or as a stand-alone e-book

Book 4 - AFTERLIFE – released by Ellora’s Cave November 2010

Book 5 – HOSTILE TAKEOVER – released by Ellora’s Cave January 2012

Book 6 – WILLING SACRIFICE – released by Ellora’s Cave May 2013


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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