Hard to Hold
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 20, 2011 - 7:59:03 AM

Crime reporter Anne Miller isn’t opposed to dating but she isn’t about to date just for the sake of dating either.  She firmly believes she’ll meet Mr. Right when the time is right and no amount of mental feng shui or wishful thinking is going to change that fact.  She’s perfectly content with her life ‘as is’ but when she meets Michael after attending a concert she thinks there could be some real potential for a relationship between them, but then he walks away without expressing any interest in seeing her again.

Michael Davoli recently moved to New York where he works as the campaign coordinator for the Quality Education Initiative.  Despite temporarily living in his buddy’s attic room, Michael is pretty happy with his life.  He has a dog who adores him and the only thing that could make things even better is if he had a woman to share his life with.  Even though he’s mastered the physical tics associated with Tourette’s syndrome he’s well aware that many women aren’t comfortable with the reality of his disorder. 


From the moment Michael meets Anne after the concert he realizes that she’s perfect for him but the combination of allergies, antihistamines and large doses of caffeine are wearing off and the tics are always much worse when his immunities are down.  Despite his attraction to Anne, Michael chooses to head home rather than hanging out with Anne and her friends.  Normally that would be the end of it but several months later they meet again when as luck would have it, he’s moving into the very same apartment building where Anne lives.  The attraction between them is undeniable and yet Michael treats her as a casual acquaintance.  It’s all rather frustrating, but then Michael locks himself out of his apartment and Anne comes to his rescue – though she’s not at all happy to have her Monday evening Keifer Sutherland drool fest interrupted.  How can Michael possibly resist a woman who can pick a lock during the commercial break?  Most people can’t even make a bathroom run in that amount of time.


Bestselling author Julie Leto brings her riveting love for romance to life with HARD TO HOLD.  Based on a real life couple, HARD TO HOLD brings a smile to readers’ faces while reinforcing the belief that there truly is someone out there for everyone.  I adored getting to know these characters and their quirky natures.  Anne’s obsession with the television show ‘24’ had me chuckling – and I loved Michael’s compulsion for cleanliness… especially considering Anne’s intense dislike of picking up after herself.  While Michael’s neurological disorder might be offsetting to some women; Anne takes it in stride and accepts that it’s simply a part of the man she loves.  What I found fascinating about this story is how yes, Tourette’s is talked about and even explained somewhat for those of us who know very little about it besides the extreme cases we might have seen on TV, the disorder is not the main focus of the story.  Ms. Leto treats the disorder compassionately yet focuses on the characters’ unique quirks which draw them together and at times could destroy them.  HARD TO HOLD is one of three debut titles in the TRUE VOWS line.  We can only hope to see many more.  After all, everybody needs a little romance and knowing that the book you’re reading is based on a real couple gives you a little feeling of hopefulness that love can be an actuality. 


The other debut titles for this new and exciting reality based line are:



THE ICING ON THE CAKE by Allison Kent.


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