Royal Rebels, Book 1 – The Prince’s Pregnant Bride
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 26, 2011 - 1:58:54 PM

AJ Rahia never had any intention of returning to Rahiri for anything more than an occasional visit with his mother.  His brother’s disappearance and presumed death is the only reason he returned now when he’d prefer to be in LA making the big-budget movies he’s well known for directing.  He certainly isn’t interested in assuming his brother’s throne and is horrified at the tradition that he’s expected to marry his brother’s wife.  Sure Lani is beautiful, but must he always live in the shadow of his eldest sainted brother, whom he despised?


Lani Rahia fully understands duty and expectations but after enduring a marriage of convenience and Vanu’s cruelty up until the night he disappeared she’s in no hurry to remarry.  She can readily see that AJ is nothing like his brother and secretly she’s relieved that he doesn’t intend to let his mother browbeat him into following tradition.  What Lani doesn’t expect is to feel an extreme attraction to AJ – and more than a little concern that he actually believes that she’s in mourning for Vanu.  If anything she’s grateful that her husband is gone, however, Vanu left behind a little surprise and Lani’s uncertain how AJ will react to the news that she’s pregnant with his brother’s baby.


AJ’s stunned at his mother’s declaration that he’s expected to assume the throne and marry his brother’s widow.  At first he has no intention of obeying her dictates but after spending time in Rahiri and visiting with some of the people he once knew and respected he changes his mind.  His mother is right; Rahiri needs him, but what about Lani?  Oh sure, there’s an attraction between them and her kisses are positively electric but he doesn’t want to marry and have to live with his brother’s ghost between them.  For all he knows, Vanu and Lani were passionately in love and her physical reaction to him is all an act.  When Lani admits to being pregnant AJ’s furious.  It’s obvious his mother and Lani are in cahoots to trap him into throwing away his life in Hollywood for a life of duty and expectations.  Is love even a possibility in this whole sordid mess?


Hollywood and royalty have long been surprising bedfellows and Jennifer Lewis blends the two with delightful results in her latest release THE PRINCE’S PREGNANT BRIDE.   As a prince you can imagine that AJ has access to just about anything he wants but he still comes off as extremely unspoiled and normal which makes him downright sexy all by itself.  Obviously Lani is already royalty since she married Vanu but her innocence and ‘simplicity’ remain despite her husband’s abusive and selfish nature.  I was utterly charmed by AJ and Lani as a couple and wanted desperately for them to be together but there are so many secrets, deceptions and uncertainties between them that it won’t take much to destroy them.  Jennifer Lewis instills the perfect amount of emotional angst into this storyline so readers can empathize with AJ and Lani as they attempt to build a life together in the public spotlight.  THE PRINCE’S PREGNANT BRIDE is the first title in Ms. Lewis’s ROYAL REBELS series and I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading the rest of the titles when they’re released.


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