Sweet Temptations
By Sarah W
Feb 5, 2004 - 4:09:00 AM

Sweet Temptations is the story of two wounded people, Elizabeth Adams and Zachary Cordell, and the mistrust that keeps them apart. Set in a small town in Australia, Elizabeth is the owner of a growing business, Sweet Temptations, a lingerie company in which she designs the lingerie herself. She meets Zac quite by accident, believing him to be a drifter who needs some work. She hires him to roof her house and do other small repairs around her property.

Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, Zac isn't a drifter and he didn't wander to her property on accident. He has his own vengeful plans for Elizabeth. She had married his father, and when his father died, she inherited all his money. Zac wants the money back, believing Elizabeth doesn't deserve it because she is a heartless, conniving, woman who married his much older father for all the wrong reasons.


The story becomes very interesting when both characters finally put some of their doubts aside in order to form a very loving relationship with each other. Unfortunately, when Zac's true reasons for looking for Elizabeth come to light, she feels betrayed and reacts harshly.


The hero and heroine are extremely interesting characters, both hiding things that have shaped their pasts. This book had some very surprising revelations in store for the reader that really kept me on the edge of my seat, and turned the standard story line of younger woman marrying an older man into something much more enjoyable and absorbing to read. Besides the wonderful character interactions that occur, the author provides some beautiful descriptions of Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

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