The Cameo
By Tara James
Oct 6, 2004 - 3:35:00 AM

Dorothy Eckland lives a very set life. As a bank loan officer she prides herself on her organization and efficiency, but is that a true reflection of herself? One day, during Dorothy's lunch break she wanders into an antique shop, where a mysterious cameo catches her eye. Unable to resist the beautiful piece, Dorothy does something completely out of character; she makes an impulse purchase. Little did she know that this was only the beginning.

Suddenly Dorothy was feeling sexier and having the most fascinating dreams featuring a faceless lover. But it is only when the handsome Mike Rose approaches Dorothy for a bank loan for a bondage club that she truly starts to understand her true self. Lured into visiting another bondage club in order to 'truly understand' the investment, Dorothy is finally introduced to an atmosphere that appeals to the deepest parts of herself. Can Mike convince Dorothy that good girls do have a place in his world?


THE CAMEO is great quickie story by JW McKenna. Despite its short length, you will find yourself caught up in the story of a woman trapped in a cage of her own making. It is fascinating to watch Dorothy struggle to accept her fantasies and merge her fantasy self with her real self. A great quick read that delivers on all levels.

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