Author: Justus Roux

Publisher: Erotictales Publications

Release Date: April 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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After much soul searching and many internet searches, Tara has decided to satisfy her curiosity about being a submissive.  A journal she read online gave her the encouragement to follow her dream of being a submissive.  Finding the right Master is sure to be a difficult process but she’s determined.  She joins an exclusive D/s club and then she makes the decision to put herself up for bid at a slave auction. 

The auction process is both exciting and terrifying but to Tara’s surprise it’s also… well, arousing.  She’s aware that she’s not thin or even graceful and having the bidders’ judge her lacking bothers her a bit but she’s hopeful that one of the men present will want her – and one in particular catches her attention and instinctively she knows he’s the one.


Raven’s friend Alex practically drags him to the auction.  Raven’s trained a number of slaves and in the end not one of them was the ‘perfect fit.’  He’s tired of the whole process but Alex is determined to help Raven get back into the swing of things.  Raven’s got a penchant for inexperienced submissives and Tara’s nervousness and insecurity is more than evident to both him and Alex.  Alex convinces Raven to bid on her and he easily wins Tara in the auction. 


Tara and Raven enter into a year-long contract and it quickly becomes apparent that Tara is more than ready to serve Raven in any way he demands.  There’s something about him that calls to her.  Unfortunately Raven already has a man in the house who sees to Raven’s needs and he doesn’t take kindly to Tara’s presence.  Raven took Donald in after another Master mistreated him so Donald’s extremely devoted to him.  Tara takes Donald’s snide comments in stride but they do wear on her self-confidence – especially since she isn’t as graceful as Donald insists she should be.  Tara’s fearful that she’ll never be able to be perfect enough to make Raven happy, but that may not be the reason he wouldn’t keep her.  Raven’s got his own issues that he’ll have to face or he may never be able to find happiness – with or without Tara.


MINE is the first story in Justus Roux’s new Dom/sub trilogy.  From the first page to the very last this story is intense and fast paced with characters who hold the reader’s attention with their vastly different personalities and variety of needs.  Tara’s insecurities and worries are easy to understand – especially when Donald’s jealousy comes into play.  Raven’s an understanding Master who’s more than willing to teach Tara what he likes and expects of her, but he’s got a mindset that prevents him from believing that any of his relationships can work.  I was fascinated by the dynamics between Raven and Alex and how it affects their relationships with their submissives.  MINE is by no means a lighthearted read, it’s full of BDSM elements that may not appeal to all readers.  However if you’re open minded and looking for a read with a little extra ‘kick’ then this book certainly delivers.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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