Dom/Sub Trilogy, Book 3 - Perfect Submission

Author: Justus Roux

Publisher: Erotictales Publications

Release Date: August 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Mistress Delilah is a strong woman who is happy with her life and the submissives who adore her, however, there’s something she’s finding impossible to ignore – her attraction to Master Gabriel.  She fears that her feelings will prevent her from being a good Mistress to Tram and Michael.  Delilah makes the decision to ask Master Gabriel to guide her down the road of submission, but admitting to her deeper feelings and handling her jealousy of Master Gabriel’s submissives will be an emotional journey she never expected.

Master Gabriel has been infatuated with Delilah since he first met her and he’s been biding his time waiting for her to come to him.  Now that she’s asked for his assistance he’s ecstatic but determined to treat her as he would any sub with a few altercations in respect to her position as a Mistress.  There’s no telling how their time together will work or even if they’ll have a relationship when it’s over but he’s not going to worry about that yet.


Mistress Delilah leaves her submissive Tram and Michael with Master Raven while she goes to train with Master Gabriel.  Since Michael’s only been with her a short time how the separation will affect him is something of a concern.  She’s confident that if he doesn’t behave then Master Raven has the tools necessary to bring him back in line.  Tram, on the other hand, is a model submissive and will be just fine until she returns for him.  Right now she needs to concentrate on what this time with Master Gabriel will teach her.  What she isn’t prepared for is the intense jealousy she feels for Master Gabriel’s submissives and the realization that he probably feels exactly the same way about hers.  To complicate matters even further, Delilah is having difficulties being submissive but she doesn’t want to dominate Master Gabriel either and she certainly doesn’t want to give him up so where does that leave them?  And how will Tram and Michael fit into this equation?


Justus Roux finals out her DOM/SUB trilogy with a mesmerizing read in PERFECT SUBMISSION.  From the beginning of this series I was captivated by the dynamics between the various members of this BDSM community.  There’s a love triangle between Raven, Gabriel and Delilah that could easily spiral out of control and kept me eagerly reading just to find out what would happen between these strong willed characters.  What truly surprised me with this book is the unique relationship that develops between Tram and Michael.  Michael’s such a strong opinionated character who questions everything and Tram is the perfect example of a submissive but together they make an awesome team and are united in their love for Delilah.


In order to fully appreciate this book I’d recommend reading this series in order.  The other titles are:



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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