Scent of a Woman
By Dottie
Sep 1, 2007 - 3:52:51 AM

After his brother, Joe, is injured in a ski accident, Adam Burns reluctantly agrees to represent the family business at a fragrance conference by taking Joe’s place on a ten day cruise aboard Alexandra’s Dream. Adam is determined to get the Dubai contract for their company, especially after Joe bets that Adam will be unable to obtain it.   All of the Burns men strive to enhance the bottom line of the company since a portion of the profits goes towards researching the disease which killed their mother.

Danielle Chevalier runs Le Reves with her brother Marcelle.   Le Reves is a company they inherited from their mother and Danielle is determined to keep it going.   She was thrilled when she was able to open a second store in Nice , France and now she is desperate to keep it open. To do this she needs to go to the fragrance conference aboard Alexandra’s Dream and win the Dubai contract.   Her misplaced trust in a former boyfriend resulted in lost revenue at the company – a fact her brother never lets her forget.


Danielle’s luck with men has been atrocious, so she does not trust the attraction she feels when she meets Adam.   Since he is her competition, she is especially cautious.   The fact that he seems to be equally attracted to her does not help.   However, there are other forces at work behind the scenes – things are worse than she imagines.


Knowing Danielle needs the contract has Adam feeling bad, but he cannot let his family down.   Will this competition kill the romance between them?   Why is her brother acting so mysterious?   Can she keep the company from going bankrupt?   Is Adam as nice as he appears or does he have an ulterior motive?


SCENT OF A WOMAN is an intriguing novel.   I enjoyed reading this book.   The romance between Adam and Danielle is very steamy, the dialog is clever and the mystery escalates right to the end.   The suspense to see what would happen next kept me from putting the book down until I finished it.   I recommend SCENT OF A WOMAN to those who enjoy a little mystery and a lot of steam with their romance.

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