Dom/sub Trilogy, Book 2 - Surrender to Me
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 1, 2009 - 7:35:29 AM

Michael’s dream of belonging to a Mistress is about to become reality and he’s both excited and worried about what is to come.  Mistress Delilah already has a submissive, Tram, whom she’s collared.  His training so far has been practically non-existent and he’s worried that he won’t be able to please his Mistress.  What he doesn’t realize is that because of his sheer size and strength everyone’s concerned that he’ll hurt his Mistress – especially since he’s already demonstrated that he’ll only show respect to those he feels has earned it – in his opinion not all Doms are worthy.

Mistress Delilah shows no fear of Michael despite his massive size.  If anything she’s intrigued by the gentleness he’s displayed toward her and loves the challenge of bending him to her will – even when it’s obvious he’s discomfited by the situation.  Michael’s her second submissive and she’s worried that she may not be exactly what Michael needs – after all he doesn’t behave like a ‘normal’ submissive.   Her concerns go even deeper than just her submissives.  Master Gabriel, the owner of the club, is a huge presence in her life, but is he just there as support or is there something more – and how does she feel about him?


Because of his size, firefighter Michael has never met a woman willing to dominate him – in fact most of them expect him to be dominant in their relationships.  That’s why Michael sought help through the club and Master Gabriel agreed to take him on and train him for a Mistress.  The training however is lacking and Michael feels totally unprepared for his new status when he enters Mistress Delilah’s home.  To make matters more worrisome, Tram’s already well established in the home, wears her collar and is obviously loved.  Michael’s worried that he’ll never be a perfect submissive like Tram so where will he fit in and why would Mistress even want to keep him?


Michael isn’t the only one questioning his circumstances.  Mistress Delilah may have two submissives but she has feelings for Master Gabriel that she needs to explore as well.  He’s been extremely supportive of her and pushed for her to be a Mistress so what kind of relationship could they really share?


SURRENDER TO ME is the second book in Justus Roux’s Dom/sub trilogy.  Michael captured my attention in MINE because he is so large and doesn’t fit the image of a submissive.  He doesn’t obey unquestioningly and respect has to be earned, he’s certainly not going to obey any Dominant just because protocol dictates he do so.  I could easily imagine him as a Dom so it’s interesting how Mistress Delilah and Michael’s relationship works, and fascinating how he relates to Tram.   SURRENDER TO ME continues the intense, sexy, surprising and sometimes shocking story first begun in MINE. 

The next book in the Dom/sub series, PERFECT SUBMISSION is due to be released in August 2009.  This book will expand on the evolving relationship between Master Gabriel and Mistress Delilah.


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