What a Girl Wants (Brookhollow #2)
By Jo
Dec 9, 2014 - 9:51:00 AM

WHAT A GIRL WANTS brings us heartwarming stories of family and friends and shows us what makes the town a great place to live. The love and caring between even neighbors shines through as they rally around those most in need.

Snow's WHAT A GIRL WANTS (BROOKHOLLOW, BOOK 2), is a wonderful continuation of the first book in the series, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE, which I also had the pleasure of reading.  The story takes up where book one ends with the planning of Victoria and Luke's wedding but also includes the new business in town, Play Hard Sports. The main storyline though involves Ethan and Bailey who have always been best friends and she's always been just one of the guys. He's a firefighter in town and the Captain and she's an auto mechanic with her own shop that she bought from her uncle.  Their paths converge in business and pleasure and it's fun to watch the heat turn on since Ethan's now single and she's realizes she wants to be more than his best friend.  Watching their feelings change but also get thwarted is sometimes fun and sometimes painful.  There are a lot of twists to the storyline and we get to know many of their family members better in this book.  There are laughter and tears, romance and family life with children, jobs, activities, loss of loved ones, etc. which makes it more real, along with sadness, fear, heartache and hurt, lies and deceit and eventually honesty.  The characters all have many layers and are real in their portrayal. Some of the descriptions were very vivid and made me feel that I was there. There were several happily ever afters and a nice ending but not enough closure. I believe we'll pick up right where we left off when I begin book three in the series, FALLING FOR LEIGH.

Snow is an author I've enjoyed reading.  Most of her books have been set at Christmas except for several in this series which is a nice change of pace.  Her books have definitely been added to my TBR pile.

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