Jack-O-Lantern King Jack's Ball
By Terri
Oct 29, 2006 - 2:18:00 AM

King Jack has had enough. The All Hallows Eve ball has turned into a very boring event. The Pumpkin King is bored to distraction. The Dark Sidhe is as boring as can be.  Jack and his Goblin cohort decide to liven up the party with a little magic. Unbeknown to everyone there, he decides to use love magic, and the party heats up from there.


Cade is attracted to Princess Fianna but there isn’t a chance that she will look at him, until Jack cast his spell of love. Cade finds Fianna in the woods and things become hot and spicy. Can Cade find love with Fianna?


JACK-O-LANTERN: KING JACK’S BALL is a fun and entertaining story. Alecia Monaco had written a solid, entertaining story filled with fun characters. The princess and her secret admirer will win readers hearts but King Jack and his Goblin cohort will make you laugh and you will want more to read. I enjoyed reading this book and I hope to read more of Ms. Monaco’s books in the future.










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