Jack-O-Lantern: Witch of Alloway
By Terri
Oct 29, 2006 - 2:28:00 AM

When Annie shows up at the Alloway Scout Hall to talk to Nick about the Sabbat, she gets a surprise in the form of lead guitarist Tam. His band has come to play their homecoming gig. Annie has been half in love with Tam since high school and since she was there and has the perfect view of Tam from back in the wings she decides she might as well watch the sexy guitar player.

When Tam comes off stage for a break, he notices a beautiful girl that looks familiar to him. He’s a little surprised when he discovers that they both feel the heat that is flowing between them. After the band has finished for the night, Tam decides to drive around Alloway to see what has changed since he has been gone only to discover the woman he made love to, Annie, dancing in a graveyard and wonders if the night could be any weirder.


JACK-O-LANTERNS: WITCH OF ALLOWAY is a fast paced erotic story that is short in length but packed with desire and passion. This story seizes you from page one and keeps you hanging on until the last. The characters are exciting, appealing, and make you feel as if you are part of the story. Marie Treanor has penned a great Halloween story with JACK-O-LANTERNS: WITCH OF ALLOWAY that would make a perfect bedtime read for any time of the year.

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