Jack-O-Lanterns: Raven
By Terri
Dec 6, 2006 - 2:23:00 AM

Andrew is looking for a special book that shows naked pictures of men and he is always is worried that Leonard will not show up this year. The Raven keeps telling him “Nevermore” but Andrew doesn’t listen. He knows that Leonard will be there as always. Leonard always shows up in the library of the old house. It is the special place where he goes to see Andrew but only on Halloween Eve.  Andrew needs to know that Leonard will return again next year and that he loves him. Leonard needs to fulfill his desires that only he can find with Andrew.

Andrew and Leonard are lovers confined to a time which stands still for only one night a year, Halloween Eve.  Leonard visits Andrew every year. Each year they get together to fill their needs and fantasies and to just to be together. The pages are filled with hot passionate sex. The Raven always has something to say about them being together but the men just tell him to shut up.


RAVEN is a short but very intriguing book. The love that flows between the two men is so intense. I was moved that love has no boundaries. Not even time can stop a love that was meant to be. Raven, the bird, in the story will have you laughing with the things he says and the way the men tell him to “shut up”. Ms Okati pens a great book. It is short but is packed with a lot of emotion that flows between Leonard and Andrew. I will be looking for more books of Ms. Okati to read in the future.





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