Jack - Red Hot & Blue, Book 2
By Maree Schuler
Jan 5, 2011 - 11:48:42 PM

Jack is a man with a broken heart. After losing Carly to Trey, their story can be found in book 1 of the RED HOT & BLUE series, he heads for home and finds himself enthralled with the new hand who seems to be hiding something. Nicki is running from the Mob and cannot risk falling for Jack no matter how delicious he looks in a pair of blue jeans.

Jack knows better than to fall for a woman who seems to be hiding as much as Nicki is but Jack is Jack and after he is hooked he won’t stop until he gets what he wants! After discovering that she had been found on the ranch by two of the mobsters she and Jack go into hiding only for things to go hilariously wrong from there. Between his family, Nicki and the two goofy mobsters Jack is no longer sure who he is protecting or why! He does know he wants Nicki and he will not stop until she is his!

JACK is definitely the most light hearted out of all three of the books but Ms. Johnson is still able to give the characters depth and make you want to have a soldier like Jack protection you!

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