Jacob's Ladder (A St.. Nacho's Story)
By Christina
Apr 18, 2011 - 6:20:26 PM

Jacob “Yasha” Livingston is having a horrible day. First his boyfriend beats him up. This is not unusual but this time is different in that Yasha is too sick to defend himself. After leaving the hospital Jacob gets on a bus to visit his brother but when the bus driver discovers his illness she forces him to get off the bus despite the fact that they are still hours away from his destination.


Jacob finds himself stranded at a motel in the little town of Santo Ignacio. All alone and growing sicker he doesn’t know what he is going to do but rescue quickly arrives in the form of EMT Jason “JT” Lents. JT and his partner save Jacob’s life but JT also takes an interest in him and wants to help him. However, JT insists that he is straight and refuses to admit that he cares for Yasha. For his part Jacob is determined not to accept another unhealthy relationship. Can the magic of St Nachos bring them together?

JACOB’S LADDER is the third novel in ZA Maxfield’s magical ST. NACHO’S series. I am always happy to visit with the people of St. Nachos. I was excited to see characters from previous novels make an appearance St. Nacho’s is a magical place. People who find there way to this small town always find their lives changed for the better and in unexpected ways.

Yasha is no exception. Yasha is a complicated but appealing character. I was really touched by Jacob’s story. He suffered a very abusive childhood. As an adult Yasha finds himself with an abusive boyfriend but it takes almost being killed for him to walk away. In St. Nacho’s he finds a group of domestic violence survivors who change his life.

JT is a kind and caring person but he has his own issues to work out. Although, he is attracted to Yasha he believes that being gay is wrong because his faith tells him so. JT frustrated me but I also felt sorry for him. He is very conflicted.  I really wanted these two heroes to find their way to one another and I cheered them on until the end. Jacob’s brother is an unexpected treat. He is fun and very funny. I hope he gets his own story.

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