By Audrey
Feb 11, 2013 - 3:52:59 PM

Jake has always had a way with his hands – fixing things and taking care of others. But what he’s the best at is caring for animals. Not only does he understand how to provide for an animal’s medical needs, but, for some reason, he seems to connect with them.

Meg has absolutely no interest in Wyoming or her estranged father’s home. However, since that home became hers after her father’s death, she must do the necessary and travel to the state to pack it up and put it on the market. Soon after she arrives, however, dangerous events plague both her and the home. Is someone after her, or is the fact that these events coincided with her arrival mere coincidence?

Jake is more than willing to step in and help Meg find out what is running amiss in her home. He only hopes that she realizes he’s not doing it out of kindness, but rather desire.

In JAKE, R.C. Ryan provides a delightful, sometimes-deep and sometimes-light-hearted account of two people thrown together who learn that they are made for each other. Jake is every woman’s fantasy and Meg every woman. When the two get together – the pages become wonderful and engaging. This reviewer must admit that JAKE is as sultry as it is sweet, and a great addition to the author’s male-named series.

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