The Wilde Sisters, book 2 - Jaimie: Fire and Ice
By Dottie
Sep 30, 2013 - 1:25:00 PM

Growing up as an Army brat, Zach Castelianos and his family moved from place to place, never calling any one city home. At the age of seventeen, he joined the Marine Corps. Within two years, he was chosen for the Special Forces before being recruited into The Agency. Then, four years ago, he had taken the knowledge he had obtained, moved to New York and opened his own technical high security company known as Shadow Inc. His business grew fast and when he decided to hire a lawyer for his business, he turned to a man he had met in The Agency, Caleb Wilde. Shortly afterwards, Caleb’s financial genius brother, Travis, became his financial advisor. Now Zach is filthy rich, but there seems to be something missing from his life. When he left the Agency, his plan was to cut all ties with it, but Zach still finds himself accepting jobs for the Agency.

Returning to the States from his latest mission, Zach finds several text messages from Roger Bengs, an annoying realtor who claims they had discussed selling Zach’s condo. In reality, Zach had made it plain to the man that he had no intention of selling his condo. Erasing the messages, all he wants is to get home, shower and unwind.


Jaimie Wilde is new to the world of real estate, having just joined Stafford and Bengs a few months ago after leaving her job as a CPA. Her boss, Roger Bengs, sent her to meet with Zach Castelianos. Having flown from D.C. to New York, Jamie is running late and hopes the meeting is still on. Earlier in the week, she had sent him two text messages, but he has not responded to either one. However, her boss assured her that Mr. Castelianos wanted the meeting ASAP. Landing this client is important to her career. Finally, arriving at his condo, soaking wet from the rain, she comes face-to-face with her potential client, who is not what she expects. She has only been there moments when the horrendous storm takes out the power city-wide. Now she is stranded, fifty floors up, in the dark, with a gorgeous stranger. In most matters, Jaimie tries to rely on logic, but there is nothing logical about the way he makes her feel. She is not one to give into flirtation or one night stands and she has not been with anyone in a very long time. So when she awakens the next morning, realizing she has slept with a stranger, she runs off while he is still asleep.


After the best night of his life, Zach cannot believe it when he wakes up alone. He tries to forget her, but when a stalker enters the picture, Zach will do whatever he can to keep her safe. Will he be able to protect her, or will he lose the only woman he loves?


An absolutely scrumptious tale, JAIMIE: FIRE AND ICE, the second book in USA Today bestselling author Sandra Marton’s WILDE SISTERS series, is a humorous, sensual contemporary romance that is sure to steal your heart. The chemistry between Zach and Jaimie is hot enough to sear the pages, and is tempered only by their sexy banter, which will take your breath away.  I love the Wilde family and have been a fan from the beginning. Still, just when I think these books cannot get any better, Ms. Marton proves me wrong. This story may be the best one yet.


Scorching hot nights, tender romantic days, well-drawn characters, family dynamics, humor and love…romance does not get better than this. As I await the next exciting installment in this delectable series, take my advice and pick up a copy of JAIMIE: FIRE AND ICE, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!


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