Jane Millionaire

Author: Janice Lynn

Publisher: Love Spell

Release Date: November 29, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Jill Davidson has spent the last seven years bailing her younger sister out of trouble.  So when Jessie begs her to take her spot on a reality show because she got engaged, Jill agrees.  As the star of 'Jane Millionaire', Jill pretends to be Princess Jane and is surrounded by 12 gorgeous bachelors who are all vying for her affections.  But before the show even starts filming she finds the man who makes her melt.  Only problem is he's not on the show, he's the producer.

Thanks to an old friend, Rob Lancaster finds himself talked into producing 'Jane Millionaire'.  He doesn't think much of reality television but when he meets the star of the show, he finds her more appealing than he should.  Rob has a lot riding on the success of the show and he can't jeopardize it by acting on his feelings for Jill, no matter how strong those feelings are.

Rob does everything he can to push Jill away and get her to pick a bachelor, but the more he pushes her away, the more he wants to pull her back.  For her part Jill tries her best to make a go of the show but having Rob around all the time reminds her of what she could be having.  None of the bachelors come close to making her feel the way Rob does.  In the end there can only be one Mr. Jane Millionaire.  Will Jill stick to the contract and pick a bachelor or will she break all the rules and go after the man she truly wants?

JANE MILLIONAIRE is delightful, funny and oh so romantic.  Like any good book you're right there going through all the ups and downs while reading the book and hoping for that happily ever after ending.  These are the kind of characters you want to revisit just to see how things are going so I'm holding onto hope for a sequel to this book that will feature Jill's sister Jessie.  If it were possible to give a rating higher than 5, I would.  Janice Lynn is definitely going to be the new must read author on your list.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Rosie Bindra

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