Jane’s Wild Weekend
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 1, 2009 - 7:20:14 AM

Jane Emerson is a woman on a mission.  She’s only got a few days left in Florida before she’s due to return home to Chicago but before she goes she intends to do everything in her power to seduce her friend’s neighbor, Bruno.  It’s her last opportunity to have a fling to soothe her wounded pride after a harsh breakup back home.

Bruno Martir has a seductive smile and mannerisms that draw women to him.  He shares a home with Cord next door to Jane’s friend Sarah and while he isn’t opposed to sex with women and certainly enjoys himself when he and Cord share a woman but there’s something he desires and he has high hopes that Jane will help him achieve his goal – to make love with Cord.


Cord Lassiter has been extremely attracted to Jane since the moment he set eyes on her.  Unfortunately she’s taken an instant dislike to him and his klutziness and being tongue tied around her isn’t helping matters any.  His buddy Bruno’s suave way with the ladies may be his only hope at getting a chance with Jane.


Since nothing else has worked, Jane is making one last bid at garnering Bruno’s attention.  This time she’s hoping that sunbathing in the nude will be just the thing to get a rise out of him.  Only she hadn’t anticipated Cord visiting the backyard and catching her unaware.  Beyond humiliated she disappears into the house but Bruno has witnessed the whole thing and follows her.  He offers her the opportunity she had hoped for but with a little twist.  Bruno is more than ready to engage in a sexual encounter with Jane but he wants to include Cord in their activities.  It’s the one way he can think to entice Cord to loosen up enough to let him in.  Jane’s perception of Cord is of a big clumsy oaf but as they get to know each other in a more intimate fashion she comes to realize that he’s simply not as smooth as Bruno, but he’s sweet and loveable in his own fashion.  Jane’s only got a weekend to experience loving with Cord and Bruno and help them discover the pleasure in loving each other, will that be enough time?


Delilah Devlin is well known for her personable characters and intense storylines and she certainly doesn’t disappoint with JANE’S WILD WEEKEND!  Jane, Bruno and Cord each have their own vulnerabilities that are glaringly obvious to the reader right from the beginning and their emotional angst becomes your own as they come to grips with the fears and face rejection.  This story had me smiling, tearing up, worried and wanting to hug them all.  Of course, Ms. Devlin has plenty of spine tingling sex scenes that will leave readers hot and bothered.  One of my favorite things about this story is how easily Jane, Bruno and Cord accept their threesome as perfect for them.  Take one of them out of the equation and it simply wouldn’t feel right. 


This is a wonderful heartfelt story that’s as exciting as it is emotional.  A perfect combination in my opinion.


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