Jennifer's Garden
By Dottie
Jul 16, 2011 - 7:35:56 AM

Cardiologist Jennifer Hamilton is engaged to Aurelio Villarreal, who is opening an art gallery with plans to expand to Africa. Jennifer had been in love once with a tycoon, Tony, but he had hurt her. So now she has chosen Aurelio due to his husband suitability. With her mother, Beatrice, dying, Jennifer is anxious to have the wedding before her mother passes away so Beatrice can be present at her wedding. Her mother is anxious for Jennifer to marry Aurelio, who she considers a good man for her daughter. Beatrice wants to be present for her daughter’s wedding, but, despite the rush to have the wedding since her pain is increasing daily, she is not content for Jennifer to go to a justice of the peace. Instead, she wants the venue for the wedding to be at Jennifer’s home just like the wedding she had had with Jennifer’s father. However, the house needs some work to get it ready, especially the gardens. Her mother has always been Jennifer’s number one fan, so Jennifer does not like dwelling on her mother’s condition, instead concentrating on enjoying the time she has with her while she can. Her mother’s doctor, Dr. Roberts, wants to increase her mother’s dosage of medicine, but her mother is against it although her pain has been increasing as her bones continue to decay.   If her bones begin breaking, it could lead to other complications, but if her mother is against an increase of the medicine, Jennifer is determined to see that her wishes are met. A physician herself, her mother is aware of the repercussions. 

Jackson ‘Jax’ Montgomery owns his own landscaping business. His friend Michael has been instrumental in helping him obtain clients, so when Michael was unable to obtain a bartender for his daughter’s engagement party, Jax volunteered. His creative abilities have begun to draw many clients to him. But he has dreams of his own, which he is almost in the position to fulfill.

Michael and his wife, Laurencia, have been very good friends to Jennifer. She knows she can trust Michael implicitly, as he has never let her down. When he and his wife held an engagement party for their daughter, Jennifer attended with her best friend Samantha, who made no secret of the fact that she cannot stand Aurelio. When Samantha begins flirting with the bartender, Jennifer is horrified. After all, he is a bartender, of all things. So when the landscaper that Michael recommended shows up for his appointment with Jennifer the next morning, she is horrified to see that her landscaper is the bartender from the night before.  Sure that he couldn’t be a very good landscaper to be moonlighting as a bartender, she refuses his services. But after Michael insists, she gives Jax a second chance and is amazed by his suggestions for her garden.

Jax and Jennifer have agreed on a plan for the garden, but instead of just letting him do his job, she is constantly calling and looking over his shoulder. He has been having reservations about this particular job, including his attraction to his client. Michael had told him that Jennifer would be an easy person to work for, but Jax is finding this job anything but easy. As Jennifer works with her landscaper to get the site ready in time, she finds herself attracted to Jax, who is everything she never thought she wanted in a man. Will she choose the man she has chosen to marry for his suitability, or will she choose love?

An emotion-packed read, JENNIFER’S GARDEN is a witty, sexy contemporary romance that will grab your attention from the very first page and won’t let go until the very satisfying conclusion. Talented author Dianne Venetta will touch your heart with this moving tale. Reading this book is a terrific way to spend an afternoon, escaping your daily cares to engross yourself in this wonderfully well-written romance. Although I did not care for Jennifer and her snobbish ways in the beginning, this soon changed as the story evolved.  Jax was also put off by her attitude in the beginning, but working for her and seeing her daily, he began to know her as a person and his attraction to her increased exponentially. A delightful read filled with characters who come to life right before your eyes, a tearjerker plot, humor, grief, sexual chemistry, friendship, detailed settings and plenty of love, JENNIFER’S GARDEN is a book not to be missed! This is the first book I have read by this gifted author, and I look forward to reading her more of her works.

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