Jessie’s Girl
By Pat Cooper
Dec 15, 2007 - 12:07:54 PM

At a family wedding, Jessica Hayes’s secret passion for her twin brother’s girlfriend has her going crazy. Sabrina French is beautiful, sexy and fascinated by her boyfriend’s bewitching twin. However, when the two finally give in to their mutual lust, Sabrina flees the next morning, without explanation.

Six years later, just days before her own wedding, Sabrina runs into Jessica once again and before they know it, the attraction between the two flares up again and they find themselves caught in a more than awkward situation, hiding from Jessie’s brother and Sabrina’s fiancé. Could they have a romance or a life together without destroying their loved ones? Though in love, both women are not sure if they’re willing to do that.
For a hot and romantic romance, with a lot of complications, and sweet in a lot of ways but a good read. Sabrina’s character is a bit of a weeny but she comes with a roomful of baggage so that explains it. JESSIE'S GIRL is a quick and satisfying read.

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