Jinger With A "J"
By Angel
Nov 7, 2007 - 9:52:07 AM

Jinger is self-reliant and after getting out of a bad marriage, she is not going to let any man near her heart ever again.   Of course Martin doesn’t count because their relationship is purely physical and Jinger has no intentions of letting it go any farther.   When things start to go from casual to serious, Jinger knows that some changes have to be made.

Martin Constantine has everything a man could want except the woman of his dreams.   Jinger is the woman for him and he intends to turn their physical relationship into an emotional one.   Jinger is shy of giving her heart to anyone, but she has agreed to do whatever he asks behind the bedroom door.   It seems that Martin will have to use his skills in bed to get Jinger to agree to stay with him.


Jinger is a girl with spunk and flare; she takes no prisoners and has a no holds barred attitude.   Martin is everything a woman could want and then some.   His intent focus on pleasing Jinger is enough to have you running for the ice.   The desire is constant between this couple and it shows in every interaction.   Jinger has some emotional issues to move past in order to have a future with Martin and her indecision over the situation really grabs the reader.   L.T. Rashard is one of my favorite authors because I know when I get one of her books I am in for a wild ride that won’t soon be forgotten.

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