Jingle Bell Rock

Author: Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Susan Donovan, Donna Kauffman, Alison Kent, Nancy Warren

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: October, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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He Sees You When You’re Sleeping by Lori Foster


Booker Dean has just found out that his girlfriend hit on someone else.  What a relief!  He’s off the hook with Judith and he didn’t even have to let her down easy.  Now he’s free to go after the woman he really wants – Frances Kennedy, his new neighbor.  But Frances has become his buddy, his pal, his… you get the idea.  Can Booker convince Frances they should be more than friends?  This story is steamy and full of humor, including Lori Foster’s trademark - a nosy, loving family in the thick of things.  I can’t wait to read about Booker’s friends!

All She Wants for Christmas by Janelle Denison


All Faith Roberts wants for Christmas is one night with Matthew Carlton, or as the nurses call him, Dr. Sexy.  She has no illusions – she knows he’ll never commit to one woman.  Faith is sure she’ll be satisfied with one night and memories to last a lifetime, but will it really be enough for either of them?  Faith and Matthew have known each other for a while and there has definitely been an attraction between them, but misconceptions about each other have kept them apart.  Janelle Denison has written a heartwarming, hot tale of acquaintances-turned-lovers.



Turning Up the Heat by Susan Donovan


Have you ever fantasized about sex with a perfect stranger?  Valerie Matthews has!  She got dressed up and cooked an elaborate Christmas Eve dinner just for herself.  Now the heater has conked out and she’s alone in her freezing-cold house waiting for the furnace repairman to arrive.  With her luck, he’ll probably be some greasy bald loser with a geeky name.  Well, she might have gotten the geeky-name part right, but her repairman is no loser!  Maybe Earl can be the one to make Valerie’s fantasy come true.  Is she willing to take the risk?  Susan Donovan really knows how to turn up the heat and bring fantasies to life with every page.  I love her unusual, unique characters and plot.



Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Donna Kauffman


Ten years ago, Jace Morgan left Rogue’s Hollow, his family, and Suzanna York behind.  At 18, he and Zanna planned to go their separate ways to different colleges and pursue their dreams.  They planned to keep in touch and remain best friends, but Zanna didn’t keep her end of the bargain.  Now they’re both home for the holidays.  Can love survive a 10-year separation and broken promises? BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE has complex characters with a shared history that have grown in their years apart.  I especially enjoyed the spontaneity of their unplanned reunion after so many years.



A Blue Christmas by Alison Kent


Jessie Buchanan and Blue Miller haven’t seen each other in 10 years.  Blue stayed in their hometown of September, TX and made a comfortable life for himself.  Teenage lovers, they haven’t seen each other since the day Jessie left.  Now she’s home for a business trip, but Blue is the real reason for her visit.  She needs to see if the passion she has been unable to find with any other man but Blue will come roaring back to life when she sees him again.  But Blue doesn’t want to leave September and Jessie doesn’t want to come back!  Another tale of reunited lovers, A BLUE CHRISTMAS explores the mysteries of passion between two people.  Alison Kent’s characters always seem very true-to-life, and Jessie and Blue are no exception. 



The Nutcracker Sweet by Nancy Warren


Tara Ellison and Daniel Jarvis do nothing but clash at work.  She’s an organized, by-the-book accountant; he’s a sales executive who doesn’t understand why expense reports have so many columns when he only needs “Miscellaneous”.  After an overheard comment Tara challenges Daniel to meet her after work - at a hotel.  Can they put aside their antagonism long enough to see if they can fill their nights with as much passion as they use to fuel their daytime arguments?  In a story filled with humor, snappy dialogue and strong characters who are nearly polar opposites, Nancy Warren grabs your attention on page 1 and holds it until the last page has been turned.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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