Jingle Bell Rock

Author: Janelle Denison

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: October 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Lori Foster creates a very flirty and sexy hero in HE SEES YOU WHEN YOU’RE SLEEPING. Booker Dean wants his neighbor Frances ...badly. Frances is not surprised when Booker shows up at her door unexpectedly because since she moved in they have been hanging out together. But now he is looking at her like he’s waiting for an opportunity to devour her, but that’s just wishful thinking because he is seeing someone. Isn’t he? As always, Lori Foster weaves magic and makes us want more of her characters.

Faith Roberts has spent six months avoiding the flirtations of Matthew Carlton because of his reputation as a love ‘em and leave ‘em playboy. However, she has finally decided that it’s time to have "one night of erotic, breath-stealing pleasure" with him. So when Matthew hears her Christmas wish, he is thrilled that she is finally going to give him a chance. Faith wants just one night, but he fully intends for more. In ALL SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS, Janelle Denison gifts us with a sexy and heart warming story. The situation that the characters are placed in allows their true personalities to shine through so that the reader is quickly drawn into their story.

Susan Donovan’s humor comes through in TURNING UP THE HEAT. As if spending a lonely Christmas Eve at home alone is not bad enough, Valerie Matthews discovers her furnace is out and she has to call a repairman to fix it, one who turns out to be a hunk. Earl can’t believe his good luck when Valerie opens the door wearing a sexy red dress. Can one of the most special nights of the year bring them together? If you are a Susan Donovan fan you will NOT be disappointed and if you have not read her before – well let’s just say that this story has to be experienced rather than told.

In BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE Donna Kauffman tells a wonderfully poignant story of lovers reunited. Jace Morgan and Suzanna York grew up together as friends then became lovers. So when they parted for college, they both promised that they would stay in touch. When Suzanna stopped answering Jace’s letters and phone calls he decides to give her total freedom. Now after ten long years of wondering on Jace’s part and regret on Suzanna’s, they are both back in town to stay. I so wanted to be mad at Suzanna for breaking Jace’s heart but Ms. Kauffman does such a stupendous job of conveying the feelings of each character that I found myself wondering if I would have done the same thing.

In A BLUE CHRISTMAS Alison Kent reunites old lovers who must forget the past before they can embrace their future. Ten years ago Jessie Buchanan left her hometown, to make a life for herself. Blue can’t believe his ears when she tells him why she’s back, but he figures that this is the perfect time to get his revenge for walking away from him. I had a little problem with this story in the beginning because Jessie seemed so calculating and Blue so unfeeling. However, Ms. Kent quickly allows us into the thoughts of her characters so that we see their true motivations and insecurities.

Nancy Warren wraps it up with THE NUTCRACKER SWEET. Tara Ellison is a by-the-book accountant and Daniel Jarvis is a salesman who doesn’t know the meaning of the word budget. After a heated argument, Tara overhears Daniel telling a friend that the reason she is so hard to get along with is because "she needs to get laid". So Tara daringly asks him if he is "up for the job?" The sparks that fly between Tara and Daniel ignite the pages of this book, but the tears from my laughter quickly put out the flames.

This book, as a whole, was absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed them all for different reasons and loved the fact that they are short enough to read quickly. It is perfect for the busy upcoming holiday season when you’ve just got to have a book fix but don’t have time to get involved with a long book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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