Jingle This!
By Dottie
Nov 2, 2012 - 12:49:04 PM

Copywriter Angie was thrilled when her boyfriend Roger wanted to spend the Thanksgiving holiday alone with her to celebrate their two year anniversary. Anticipating a proposal, she was devastated when he dumped her. It makes it especially difficult since he is one of her two bosses. To make matters worse, the company she works for has an important account with a department store, who wants her to write a daily promo, espousing love and holiday cheer for the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas. This assignment could make or break the company, so failure is not an option. In the past Christmas has been her favorite holiday, but with the breakup, she is more like Scrooge this year.

Kyle has been attracted to Angie from the very beginning and had enjoyed their late night work sessions together. But he has a policy of not dating his employees. So instead he dates her sister, a shallow woman with breast implants, who thinks nothing of stealing the man her sister has fallen for. But after six months he had had his fill of her attitude and melodrama. But by then, his partner Roger had started dating Angie. When Kyle saw how Roger was leaving work early to do things with Angie and neglecting the company, he began to think she was responsible.

With things going downhill at the company that has been his dream he knows their only chance of saving it is through this new account with the Swift department store. Up to now, Angie’s work has been brilliant, but when her first promo for the new account is a depressing stab at love and the holidays, he knows he has to do something. Seeing Angie take one hit after another after Roger dumps her and starts dating a new woman…her sister, he decides to help her. But what he doesn’t count on is the sexual tension that has built up between them over the past three years. Will he be able to keep things professional, or are things about to get a lot more heated?

A delicious tale, JINGLE THIS, the latest novella by award winning author Stephanie Rowe, is a witty and wicked contemporary romance that is sure to brighten up your holidays. Starting each chapter with some less than stellar promos, Ms. Rowe gives some insight into the heroine’s mindset after being dumped at the outset of the holidays and forced to write a cheerful, love-filled advertisement each day leading up to Christmas. With hilarious humor, heartache, the Christmas holidays, well-drawn characters, sizzling hot passion, witty banter, diamonds, promos and true love, this story is sure to brighten your day and leave you with a smile on your face. Fair warning: do not read this story in public. You may get some strange looks when you suddenly start laughing for seemingly no reason. For a lovely afternoon’s escape and a delightful story, be sure to reach for this novella. A wonderful love story for the holidays and all year long, I highly recommend it!

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