Jock Dorm 3: David and Conner
By Christina
Jun 27, 2010 - 12:12:26 AM

David has devoted his life to the Catholic priesthood. He loves helping others particularly homeless veterans. He is content with his life but he is also very lonely.  There is something missing from his life, although David would never admit it. Until one day Detective Conner McMahon walks into the shelter where David works.

David immediately likes Conner. He is a good looking former Marine who has a sense of humor and most of all he is a kind and giving person. The two men strike up a friendship but it quickly becomes evident that Conner is interested in much more. David can’t deny he is attracted to the other man and that his feelings for Conner run deep but is he ready to change his whole life to take a chance on love?


DAVID AND CONNER is the third novel in Bobby Michaels’ JOCK DORM series. I enjoyed reading the first two novels in the series JOCK DORM DAR AND GREG and JOCK DORM: DREW AND VINCE so I was happy to review the third installment. What drew me to this novel initially is that one of the main characters is a priest. I admired the author’s willingness to tackle what is potentially a very controversial topic.


I also enjoyed the theological discussions between David and his colleagues and also learning more about the Episcopal Church. I liked both of the heroes very much. Conner is sexy and very sweet and I admired David’s bravery and willingness to change his life in major ways. David’s struggle with coming out and accepting his sexuality was poignant and felt very realistic to me. DAVID and CONNER is a hot and enjoyable read.

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