Joker’s Wild: Stripped Bare
By Sarah W
Mar 5, 2007 - 11:19:00 AM

An unexpected encounter in an adult bookstore leads to some interesting complications for Brody Kincaid and Missy Haddan. Brody has had his eye on Missy for awhile but because she used to be his student, he never made a move. Now with classes over and seeing her surprisingly working in an adult bookstore, Brody knows it is time to make Missy his. Now he just needs the perfect opening…

Poker! When Brody tells Missy he would love to teach her poker, she hesitantly agrees. She is not sure why he is attracted to her, but she cannot deny the things he makes her feel. A casual session of poker leads to kisses, caresses and some very heated moments, but with Missy’s need to hide herself and Brody’s possessiveness, does this couple stand a chance?

JOKER’S WILD: STRIPPED BARE is definitely my favorite in Lena Matthews JOKER’S WILD series. Brody and Missy have chemistry that is off the charts. Both are independent, witty and hardheaded characters with an animal magnetism for each other. It is extremely enjoyable watching them butt heads, flirt, and boss each other around. There is a friendly lust between them from the very beginning, even as Missy was unsure of herself around Brody. Their attraction is complicated and exacerbated by their similar personalities. Both are possessive of each other which makes for plenty of interesting love skirmishes. Missy is an interesting character because she is so confident in many areas of her life, yet when it comes to Brody, she is extremely vulnerable. It is an intriguing character contrast.

JOKER’S WILD: STRIPPED BARE is a taut and highly erotic love story. Brody and Missy will have you captivated on every page.

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