Joshua's Faith
By sherreechmitlin
Jul 11, 2006 - 8:42:00 PM

The night Peg went out with Joshua, she never dreamed that she would end up giving her heart and virginity away.  Thinking that she would see Joshua again, she is devastated to learn that he has gone back to college with no thought of her.  If only she could have gone back and erased the date with Joshua, perhaps the accident that severed her relationship with her dad would never have happened.  Why did she allow that night to be the night she was so absorbed in herself, instead of being alert and  more responsible?

Peg moved to live with her aunt in New Orleans after her father turned away from he.  She moved forward and made a new life for herself.  When her aunt passed away, Peg inherited the house and turned it into a boarding house.  This gave Peg the income she would need to survive on her own.

With the upcoming wedding of one of her best friends, Jane, Peg finds herself walking back into the church that she said she would never enter again.  If that gad been the only obstacle, Peg could have handled it.  Just moments ago, Peg found out that the minister is the man she gave her heart to - Joshua Dolinski.

Joshua got drunk the night that he and Peg went out when they were teenagers.  During college, Joshua gave his heart to the Lord and after college, he went into the ministry and married.  Due to a car accident, he is now a widower and has a small daughter.  Joshua took the minister position at St. paul's because he needed a change for both Samantha and himself.  Needing a place to live, Joshua rents the carriage house from Peg, never realizing who she is.

Peg tries to hide her feelings from Joshua, but others are not so easily fooled.  Samantha is quickto notice that not only does Peg like her dad, but her dad also likes Peg.  When Joshua asks Peg to watch Samantha while he goes out on a call, Samantha has a diabetic attack and hits her head on a table.  Is history repeating itself?  Will Joshua blame Peg for not watching his daughter more closely?

Peg wants to believe that God cares for her, but people have not made it easy.  Can Joshua and Samantha help Peg find her way back to God?  Will the people of St. Paul's allow Joshua and Peg to become the family that Samantha needs?  Or will the church people continue to allow one family to dictate what the pastor can do?

The book JOSHUA'S FAITH by Judy Leigh Peters is so easy to read.  This outstanding author has written a book about struggles people go through when Christians fail to offer grace and forgiveness.  This book has helped me to re-examine the way I look at others.  I am pleased and honored to give Judy Leigh Peters an outstanding 4 blue ribbon rating.  I will be sure to let my reader friends know about this author.

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